MotoGP presenter Melanie Sykes picks up an Abarth 500

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Having previously owned a Fiat 500c, television presenter Melanie Sykes was tempted to pick up another. However, she  was also tempted by the added performance of the 140bhp Abarth 500. The Abarth certainly presented an attractive option when it came to speed and power, but Sykes found herself torn between this and the freedom of a convertible Fiat 500.

However, an unexpected third option presented itself: the Abarth 500 is also available in a 500C convertible model, which surprised and delighted the presenter. “Having owned the Fiat 500c before, I knew I wanted to go back into a convertible, but I also had my eye on an Abarth,” she states. “So when Abarth told me there was 500C version, I was really excited. And just look at it – it’s fabulous.”

Melanie Sykes is the new presenter of BT Sport’s MotoGP television coverage, and she picked up her new vehicle from Abarth specialist dealership Motor Village Marylebone, in London. The Abarth 500C is a stylish car that has refined electric linkage and real touches of ingenuity, such as the built-in, centrally positioned, high-mounted stop light, and the foldaway glass rear window. It is powered by a 1.4-litre turbo charged engine with a top speed of 128mph, and can reach 0-60mph in around eight seconds. It is eco-friendly, and complies with Euro Stage 6 emissions standards.

If you would choose the standard Abarth 500C, or if you’re more tempted by the convertible option, let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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