Mazda eyes a Guinness World Record for the MX-5

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The Mazda MX-5 isn’t shy. Throughout its 24-year history the dynamic model has surprised and satisfied motorists across the globe in equal measure, and with close to one million models having been sold, it’s officially the world’s best-selling two-seater sports car. The Japanese manufacturer has now decided to add another Guinness World Record to the range’s belt, by organising an unprecedented parade in the Netherlands.

Mazda MX5

The record for the largest parade of Mazda cars currently stands at 459.

On June 15, 2013, in Leylstad, Mazda aims to break the existing record for the ‘largest parade of Mazda cars’. The existing record – 459 MX-5s – was set in Germany in 2010. Given the number of Mazda MX-5 on British roads alone, we’re sure that it will achieve this, and the parade will form part of a wider event, called IMAX-5 2013.

The event grounds open at noon, and a variety of activities will be available, like test drives in the new Mazda SKYACTIV models. Race simulators will be available, as will a display of the finest classic and contemporary MX-5 cars, and motorists will even be able to get their own roadsters checked for free.

The actual parade will begin at 4:30pm, and will span a 15km route through the Dutch landscape. Mazda hopes that 800 MX-5 cars will attend, completely smashing the previous record. If the size, and sound, of 800 MX-5s prowling the lush landscape is as alluring to you as it is to us, you can book a place at the IMAX-5 2013 event online. Tickets should be purchased in advance, and space is limited to 800 MX-5 cars.

Closer to home, you can book a test drive in the latest versions of the MX-5, like the new roadster coupé and the Venture versions, at Johnsons Mazda. Our showrooms are located conveniently in Oxford and Swindon – get in touch with the friendly team to find out more.

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