Lexus hoverboard prototype developed

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Lexus Hoverboard

In a bid to match the predictions made in the Back to the Future films, several companies have been attempting to develop a rideable hoverboard in 2015. Lexus posted a teaser video online to reveal its creation but did not show a rider using the board.

Lexus have been working on the prototype and are planning to release more videos over the summer. However, it is apparently not intended for sale. The Lexus hoverboard floats by using magnets cooled by liquid nitrogen, which sounds suitably inspired by science fiction.

Lexus have named the project ‘SLIDE’, the fourth in a series called ‘Amazing in Motion’. The hoverboard represents engineering innovation and celebrates the complexity and beauty of motion. Previous projects in the ‘Amazing in Motion’ series have included ‘STROBE’, a striking visual display of an illuminated man’s movements across a city at night.

Follow the journey of this exciting project using the hashtag #LEXUSHOVER. The anticipation for the next video instalment of the hoverboard’s progress is already building.

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