Lexus flexes its hybrid muscles in Shanghai

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Prestige automotive manufacturer Lexus showed off the latest of its economical technologies at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2013. We’ve long admired the brand’s combination of elegance and power, but the new GS 300h adds stunning efficiency to the mix.

The new Lexus GS 300h features cutting-edge hybrid technology. The vehicle impressed in Shanghai thanks to its 2.5-litre petrol engine, which combines with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery to offer unmistakably polished performance. A rear-wheel drive vehicle, the GS 300h has a refined quality of drive. Its CO2 emissions are likely to dip beneath 110g/km, allowing for efficient and fun journeys.

Lexus GS 300H

The new Lexus GS 300H

The car loses none of the class that typifies the Lexus range, however. Aimed at executive drivers and fleet managers, the new GS 300h has a perfectly-proportioned exterior design, with smooth, flowing lines and a powerful stance.

The 300h joins an impressive existing range of GS vehicles. The current edition of the GS has already sold some 47,000 units globally, as proof of its well-earned popularity. Capable of the 60mph dash in less than six seconds and boasting combined fuel economy of 37.6mpg, the latest generation GS is a leader in its class.

The addition of an exciting new hybrid to the Lexus range is stirring motorists in the UK and abroad. If you’re interested in booking a test drive, to see how incredible the new Lexus GS can be, get in touch with the Johnsons Lexus team today.

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