Hyundai confirms a new ‘N’ performance car range

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The recent announcement of a new N range from Hyundai has excited the brand’s customers throughout the UK. The future line will stand apart from the main Hyundai car range, representing a high-performance arm of the manufacturer.

Hyundai has teased the eventual release of three ‘N’-branded cars. One is a new take on the i30 hatchback, and the second will be based on the upcoming luxury Genesis range. Interestingly, the third Hyundai model has yet to be named.

The marked contrast between these first two cars indicates that there could eventually be a wide range of N vehicles. Persistent rumours that the third will be a sports car to replace the Veloster lend a lot of weight to that theory.

There are also plans for at least six Genesis models globally, and the natural conclusion is that N incarnations will follow. The first of these, the G90, was unveiled at this year’s Detroit Motor Show.

To support the development of ‘hot’ Hyundai models, the manufacturer is said to be working with a former brand director from Lamborghini. Manfred Fitzgerald is expected to support Hyundai’s global strategy, with a focus on western European markets including the UK. Having a leader from a high-performance brand on board shows the emphasis Hyundai is placing on the development of N-badged cars.

Early reports have the i30 N scheduled as the first to launch, for release during 2017. The others should follow in 2020, giving Hyundai plenty of time to gauge initial reactions to the range.

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