The benefits of having your car or van serviced at a franchised dealership

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Whether you’ve bought a new or approved used car or commercial vehicle, dealers will advise you on the importance of having the model regularly serviced. You might be tempted to shop around and look for a different garage that’ll perform the work more cheaply, but avoiding authorised dealer servicing to save a few quid could result in far bigger maintenance costs in the future.

When you visit a franchised dealership for any manufacturer, you can have total confidence that every technician is qualified to the carmaker’s standards. Work carried out at their bodyshops and accident repair centres will be covered under any warranties you have remaining on your model, and only genuine replacement parts will be used in repairing and maintaining your vehicle. Having work done at other garages that aren’t manufacturer approved could invalidate your warranty. If there’s any recall or fault information directly from the manufacturer, your regular approved dealership will also contact you immediately to let you know and potentially bring your car in to have it fixed.

For as long as you own the model, the complete service and work history will be kept on file within the dealer network – which means that you can turn up at any dealership and they’ll have your details to hand on their computer system. It also keeps all of your invoices and important documents in one place, without the separate files and pieces of paper you’d receive from different independent garages. You can also get special offers and deals on fixed-price servicing from approved dealerships, guaranteeing you affordable care and maintenance for a much longer period of time.

For competitively priced dealer servicing and quality you can trust, bring your car or van to your local Johnsons dealership. The network represents 10 global manufacturers throughout the UK, including Volkswagen, Fiat, Honda, Mazda and Volvo, and supports every customer with the highest standards of care and service. Visit the Johnsons Cars website to find out more.

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