Details on the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider emerge

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In May 2012, Mazda and Fiat confirmed that the two brands would co-develop a new version of the Alfa Romeo Spider, a convertible sports car. A variety of renderings of the new model have now appeared, alongside further details about its exciting potential.

The new Alfa Romeo Spider will be built at Mazda’s Hiroshima plant, alongside the iconic Mazda MX-5 model – the world’s best-selling two-seater convertible sports car. The 2015 Spider will use the chassis that underpins the latest MX-5, meaning it will benefit from pioneering SKYACTIV technology, and is likely to weigh less than one tonne. With rear-wheel drive and SKYACTIV, the new Alfa will be the brand’s most agile offering, and is likely to record excellent efficiency figures.

The Japanese engineering will be complemented by a healthy dash of Italian style, as the new model will feature a design inspired by the Alfa Romeo 4C model, a two-door coupé that debuted at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The classic Alfa grille will be lowered, and positioned between two distinctive air vents, and the iconic v-shaped splitter will divide the bonnet neatly. The design of the headlights looks to be completely new, giving a darker, more predatory appearance to the Spider and ensuring that it stands out.

No engine has yet been confirmed, but the 2015 Alfa Romeo Spider could be fitted with the same 1.75-litre turbo charged engine as the 4C, which offers well in excess of 230bhp. Combined with the car’s inevitably lightweight frame, the drivetrain is likely to offer nimble handling and high-speed potential.


Due to enter production in 2015, the new Alfa Romeo Spider has been a long time in the making, and should be all the more impressive because of it. The new model is particularly exciting as it will be the long-awaited successor to the Duetto Spider, which had a starring role in the 1967 Dustin Hoffman film, ‘The Graduate’.

If you can’t quite wait for the impending Alfa Romeo Spider, or would like something to quench your thirst for speed in the meantime, Johnsons Cars offers test drives at our showrooms in the iconic Mazda MX-5, and the soon-to-arrive Alfa Romeo 4C.

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    Have you scene pictures yet? What happened to Pininfarina’s "2uettottanta" design for the The Alfa Romeo Spider? The winner of the 2010 New Concept Design is now this? Who made that Awful decision!

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